File Upload

The best kind of file to send in for photos is a high resolution jpg. 72 dpi at size and on up is the safest bet for clear, sharp prints. Of course, 300 dpi at size is ideal! For cut files and decals, you must send us an outlined/vectored pdf or ai file. Click here for a quick guide on how to do this in Illustrator. For graphic design files, a vectored pdf is best. Be sure to embed all of your links!


Our printers are calibrated to our machines which means that what you see on your screen may vary from what is printed. We suggest turning your computer brightness way down for editing and saving your files in RGB. When in doubt, request a proof which can be done for a nominal fee.


When you approve your job for production, you are stating that all proofs and files are 100% the way you want them. That includes spelling, grammar, spacing, image placement, and any other pertinent information. If your job is in production and an error is found, you are responsible for changes and corrections.

We handle local installations of artwork and graphics. You can request installation during a consultation or when you upload a file. We will need details on the space your work is going in, the location, and preferred dates. We can then include the installation estimate on your quote. Installation pricing is done by the hour and is finalized after the install is complete.


If you need a copy of your scans or artwork, you can purchase a USB from us or request a download link for a digital file. We keep files on hand for a period of time, however we are not responsible for keeping files indefinitely. Make sure to back up your files so that you have them forever!

File Storage